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Richard Constantinidi


2003 HIGHLIGHTS (in chronological order)
JANUARY - 01/01/03

Laid out, organized and updated periodically by Webbrain Design/Bucharest (www.webbrain.ro), the LUNA AMARA / BITTER MOON website was launched on November 7th, 2002. On January 1st, 2003, 1,073 Hits had been officially recorded.

One year later, on January 1st, 2004, the number of visitors reached a total of almost 8700 and is constantly growing!

The BITTER MOON website is currently on 39th Place in the Music Category of
the Official Romanian Statistics Ranking Chart (www.statistici.ro). This year, www.luna-amara.ro's HIGHEST RANKING was 26 and LOWEST RANKING was 43.

FEBRUARY - 02/09/03
The English Version
of the Official "LUNA AMARA" / "BITTER MOON" Website
is Launched

Enter: www.luna-amara.ro and click on: >english version< to discover a FULL-LENGTH, NEW and IMPROVED version of the OFFICIAL BITTER MOON BIOGRAPHY and FACTS.

APRIL - 04/26/03

"Folclor" premiered nationally and was broadcast on REALITATEA TV on Saturday, April 26th, at 9.45 a.m. Mihnea (vocals, trumpet and guitar), Sorin (bass guitar) and Richard (manager) took part in the interview. The others were on the train back to Cluj, eager to spend Easter Sunday with their families. The controversial video to the controversial song that made concert organizers kick the band off-stage on three separate occasions (so far) was filmed and directed by Dan Ardelean and Robert Gherman. We hope this video will appear soon on our website, alongside "Gri dorian/Dorian Grey".

MAY - 05/12/03
Mass Media Frenzy

Thanks to the social message on some of our songs, we were kicked off stage at the European Day Festival in Cluj-Napoca. This story gave us national mass-media coverage we never could have imagined possible up until then. We would like to extend our gratitude to those of YOU who listen to our lyrics and appreciate our music .and also to those working in the PRESS that believe and support Freedom of Speech.

MAY - 05/24/03
Buzau Top T Festival

Considered Romania's Best Rock Festival (both for Top Artists and Beginning Acts), and having a 20 Year Tradition, Top T Buzau welcomed BITTER MOON for the second year in a row. Our gig was such a huge success, that the organizers are looking forward to our third appearance here next year, when BITTER MOON will be one of the three Headlining Acts!

JUNE - 06/21/03 - 06/22/03
The French World Music Festival

The French Cultural Center is responsible for organizing a yearly Music Event in numerous countries throughout Europe on the longest day of the year. In Romania, this "Solstice Day Celebration" has a 4 year tradition.

BITTER MOON was invited to take part in the program on two separate dates in two major Romanian cities; Cluj-Napoca and Piteshti. For BITTER MOON, it was an honor and we extend our gratitude and sincere thanks to the local organizers for treating us like REAL artists (those involved in the Romanian Music Business - on the Artist side of the stick - KNOW what I'm talking about!).

AUGUST - 08/15/03 - 08/16/03

BITTER MOON was invited to participate actively and play at this Benefit Concert, to help preserve this "summer reservation" from the technological advances of the modern tourist industry. Cars are being parked on the beach; restaurants and terraces are being built and placed TOO close to the shoreline and there is talk of cement and concrete hotels cutting off the beach from the common tent-and-backpack vacationer. This traditional nudist beach is well on its' way to being transformed in a modern tourist town.

Alongside the eponymous band ("Vama Veche"), BITTER MOON was considered a Headlining Act. The Press quickly understood that the artist's songs and lyrics struck a common chord with the organizer's "political" intentions.

Considered a Romanian Woodstock (organized 34 years later - to the exact day), this was THE Romanian Rock Event of the Year, featuring 20 Acts and 12 hrs. of non-stop rock music!

SEPTEMBER - 09/10/03
The SABOTAGE COMPILATION (Rebel Music, 2003)
is Released

"Dizident" is BITTER MOON's contribution to this Romanian Underground Music
Album. (You can order this Compilation Album NOW, by clicking here or on the "merchandising" button at the top of your screen).

SEPTEMBER - 09/28/03

BITTER MOON's guitarist weds Ramona Ognean. The Wedding is held in Alba Iulia. Part of the band attends. LIVE music is played here till the early sunlit hours of the next day.

OCTOBER - 10/22/03
The X-STREAM COMPILATION (Stream Music, 2003)
is Released

"Asfalt" is BITTER MOON's contribution to this album. (You can order this Compilation Album NOW, by clicking here or on the "merchandising" button at the top of your screen).

NOVEMBER - 11/11/03
"The Union for Rebuilding Romania" (U.R.R.)

"United we stand!"

What BITTER MOON states and represents musically, The U.R.R. states and represents politically. This collaboration is in fact a cultural-political alliance. The U.R.R. is a newly formed Romanian Political Party, founded by a group of young successful businessmen, who wish to change the mentalities and political climate of modern Romania. This partnership also announces the beginning of a new electoral year in post-Communist Romanian history. At present, - www.urr.ro is the most popular Romanian Party web site.

NOVEMBER - 11/27/03

The official countdown for the release of the long awaited debut album (ASFALT/Asphalt) has begun! Plans are being made for shooting a professional video in Cluj-Napoca for the "DIZIDENT/Dissident" single (which can be found both on the SABOTAJ/Sabotage Compilation and on BITTER MOON'S debut album) towards the beginning of January.

DECEMBER - 12/11/03
BITTER MOON in Bookstores

Excerpts from ALEXANDRU VAKULOVSKI's novel: "CACTUSI ALBI PENTRU IUBITA MEA/White Cactuses For My Love", can be read exclusively on Andrei Gheorghe's website (www.andreigheorghe.ro - check out "gayandrei"). The only REAL names used in the book belong to the BITTER MOON artists.

DECEMBER - 12/31/03
End of Year Charts

BITTER MOON won two titles at the end of the year in two separate popular Romanian publications. The NATIONAL "Evenimentul Zilei" and the LOCAL (Cluj-Napoca) "Ziarul Clujeanului" included BITTER MOON in their 2003 Popularity Charts.


Wednesday, December 31st 2003

1. Pope John Paul II (10/16/03)
2. Elizabeth Rizea (10/08/03)
3. The SMURD Team (03/06/03)
4. The Chisinau Opposition (11/27/03)
5. BITTER MOON / The "Luna Amara" Rock band (12/06/03)
BITTER MOON is one of few Romanian Acts that has enough courage to resist to political pressures in order to get their uncomfortable social message across to people. In their latest public scandal, Alba Iulia's Mayor, Mirchea Hava, refused to pay the band's fee after their concert at the Romanian Independence Day Celebrations (on 12/01/03), because they asked those present how many would leave the country TOMORROW if they had visas (and almost everybody raised their hands in the air!).

1. Ion Iliescu (our nation's President, 12/22/03)
2. BBC World Service (11/12/03)
3. The Greedy Elected Members of Romania's Parliament (03/04/03)
4. The Ruling Party (PSD, 10/20/03)
5. Becali & Becali (Football Club Team Manager, 09/25/03)


Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

3rd Place: BITTER MOON gets kicked off stage at the European Day Festival (05/11/03) (see above)


MAY - 05/11/03
BITTER MOON KICKED OFF STAGE by Festival Organizers!
Both Article 10 of the European Charter for Human Rights and Article 10 (this must be more than just a simple coincidence!) of the Romanian Constitution guarantees all persons Freedom of Speech. Any form of censorship is forbidden.


May 11th, 2003 marked the 2nd Annual European Day Celebrations in Romania.

The Armonia (Harmony) Foundation organized the Festival proceedings in Avram Iancu Square in Cluj-Napoca. A crowd of over 10,000 people witnessed BITTER MOON being kicked off stage at approximately 8:35 p.m. local time (after Mihnea talked to the crowd and said that he didn't like the fence that was raised about 15 meters away from the front of the stage, separating the band from the public and compared this to the distance between Romania and Europe and the fact that he does not consider Romania to be fully prepared for being accepted in the European Union).

At this point, the organizer (Ion Novacescu) told the band that if they do not stop making such remarks, he will shut off the microphones.

That is when the next song (FOLCLOR/Folklore) started.

The first verses of this song are of course: "I am a masochist, I live in Romania". The microphones were subsequently instantly turned off (by the organizer, personally).

The vocalist ran from one microphone to another, while the band played on.

The crowd was singing the verses.

The organizer had the band pulled off stage.

The most successful Press scandal in BITTER MOON's history (up until that point) began.


Peter (47, Cluj) spectator:
"If we don't have the right to Freedom of Speech in this country, then we can simply place a big "X" on that European flag!"


DECEMBER - 12/01/03
BITTER MOON does not receive their promised and contracted fee after playing at the Romanian Independence Day Festivities. The Alba Iulia Mayor (Mirchea Hava) declares that BITTER MOON cursed while on stage - and for this reason they will not receive their fee.

THE TRUTH is that BITTER MOON did not receive time for a proper sound check, although the band stayed in front of the stage for 6 hours prior to their gig, in sub zero temperatures! They did not receive the free meal they were promised, nor did they get any attention from the organizers, who were nowhere to be found and which did not answer their phones prior to gig time! When it was time for the band to play on stage, they were told to play 2/two songs and do their sound check in 10/ten minutes! We thought this was a concert honoring our National Birthday, not a race against the clock.

BITTER MOON chose to play their most popular hits: "GRI DORIAN/Dorian Grey" and "FOLCLOR/Folklore", the second (scandalous) song being presented in a fully censured and clean version (just right for the occasion)! In between the songs, Mihnea told those present (about 1,000 teenagers gathered around 6:30 p.m.) that we are all here today to celebrate our nation's birthday and he asked them to raise their hands if they would leave the country tomorrow if they would be given visas. The vast majority of the public raised its hand!

We believe this to be "the foul language" that horrified the Mayor.
DECEMBER - 12/01/03
The exclusive one-hour BITTER MOON interview and LIVE concert recording (filmed in "A Club"/Bucharest) had an audio defect: the sound track was played (perhaps unintentionally) at a lower speed, distorting ALL the voices, music and sound, including the foreign artist videos interspersed before and after the actual interview.

MTV's Executive Rock Music Producer (Lentzi Chiriac) says that the poor quality of the tape is due to A Club's weak sound system. We can only stop and ponder at the problem: why did the foreign band videos sound just as bad as the concert footage? Could it be because the foreign tapes were also recorded (in cognito) in Bucharest's A Club? (That was a rhetorical question and the answer is: obviously not!).

And another question that pops to mind is: before you (as a Producer) broadcast a previously recorded program on National Television, aren't you (the same aforementioned Producer) responsible for CHECKING the recording?!


2003: UPS and DOWNS

2003 HIGHS ^



This year, BITTER MOON played for the first time in Brashov (Apr. 23),
Craiova (Apr. 24 and Dec. 15), Campina (May 23), Dej (Jun. 7), Pitesti (Jun. 21) and at the Black Sea (at the height of the tourist season - Aug. 15).

Very few are aware of the fact that BITTER MOON's 100th concert took place in Craiova on Dec. 15, 2003. We are planning a major event in our hometown to celebrate this event properly with our hardcore fans on January 22nd 2004 at The KING Club.



BITTER MOON finished recording all the tracks for their debut album during January - April 2003. Because the Final recording contract was drawn up extremely late in the year, the earliest possible tentative release date for ASPHALT (the debut album) will probably fall somewhere in early February, 2004.

BITTER MOON did not waste any time in promoting some of their tracks from the upcoming debut album (most of which are already considered "classics"
in certain rock-oriented youth circles).

ROMANIAN COMPILATIONS FOUGHT FOR BITTER MOON SONGS IN 2003 and the following two compilation albums (both of which can be bought through our web site) contain BITTER MOON tracks.

Read more about the SABOTAJ / SABOTAGE and X-STREAM COLLECTION here.


2003 LOWS v
(in chronological order)

JANUARY - 01/18/03

The Debut Album Contract
and Recording Sessions

Although STREAM MUSIC (from Cluj-Napoca) is the first Record Company that proposed a proper collaboration (which was favorable to BITTER MOON)
initial deadlines were not respected. The band decided that this was not a promising start and talks followed with Stream Music to nullify the contract. To our good fortune, both sides reached a civilized understanding and BITTER MOON found itself with finished album material and no recording deal.

Several other offers were taken into consideration but the final decision was to go with REBEL MUSIC, based in Bucharest and with proper experience concerning underground bands and respect for Artist beliefs.

2003 ended on a good note but the debut album won't hit store shelves until the beginning of 2004!


FEBRUARY- 02/24/03

MIHNEA (vocal/trumpet) Protested Against the IRAQ WAR

100 protesters marched in Cluj-Napoca (in comparison to three million on the streets of Rome . or the 30 some people in Bucharest!) against the War
on Iraq. We do not believe Saddam Hussein to be an OK guy - but we do believe that there were other, more peaceful methods of stopping him from hurting more people - methods which were not put into practice.

War could not be stopped!




MARCH - 22/03/03

Julius Merca Regional (Transylvania) MUSIC CONTEST / Cluj-Napoca

JULIUS MERCA was a nationally-renowned blues vocal artist, who died (in his second youth) of heart problems in the Summer of 1999. A band member of his organized this "First Edition" Festival for talented young rock bands.

  • 33 bands were selected from a total of over 100 demos sent - and 15 bands reached the Regional Finals. BITTER MOON was awarded Second Place, qualifying to the National Finals
  • RAZVAN RISTEA, the extremely talented drum player, who has been with BITTER MOON since 2000, won First Place in his category, the highly-coveted IULIU MERCA AWARD for The BEST DRUMMER IN TRANSYLVANIA 2003 Title

When handed the IULIU MERCA TROPHY for BEST DRUMMER, Raz simply stated: "this is for all the drummers that made it to the regional finals in Cluj-Napoca".

The National Finals were postponed from May to September . and never took place. Prizes in the Final Round included certain amounts of money. In case we receive any other information concerning this Final, you will find out about it in our Web Site.


MARCH - 22/03/03

Club A Rock Contest

BITTER MOON qualifies in the National Finals. Prizes offered included certain amounts of money . the Final date was postponed for September, then
November, then December .

The organizer never called again nor was the so-called Final ever announced! In case we receive any other information concerning this Final, you will find out about it in our Web Site.


MAY - 05/11/03

by Festival Organizers!

Both Article 10 of the European Charter for Human Rights and Article 10 (this must be more than just a simple coincidence!) of the Romanian Constitution guarantees all persons Freedom of Speech. Any form of censorship is forbidden.

Read the full story here.


MAY - 05/25/03

BANNED in Iasi (Jassy)!

We have reason to believe that BITTER MOON's Open Air concert, booked in Jassy on May 25th, PROMOTED through large posters and radio commercials in Jassy, was cancelled due to the Scandal started in Cluj.


DECEMBER - 12/01/03


BITTER MOON does not receive their promised and contracted fee after playing at the Romanian Independence Day Festivities. The Alba Iulia Mayor (Mirchea Hava) declares that BITTER MOON cursed while on stage - and for this reason they will not receive their fee.

To read the full story click here!


DECEMBER - 12/01/03


<<< To read the full story look at your left!






RAZVAN RISTEA, the talented drum player, who has been with BITTER MOON since 2000, won FIRST PLACE in his category, the highly-coveted IULIU MERCA AWARD and THE BEST talented young DRUMMER IN TRANSYLVANIA 2003 TITLE. When handed the IULIU MERCA AWARD, he simply stated: "this is for all the
drummers that made it to the regional finals in Cluj-Napoca".

..and then...

6.30 p.m. TUESDAY, MARCH 25
The "A" Club Festival, Bucharest

PLAYLIST: Loc lipsa (Open Space), Asfalt (Asphalt), Dizident, Ciudat (Strange), Gri dorian (Dorian Grey), Somn (Sleep), Oras (The City), BIS: Folclor

BITTER MOON convinced the public and jury of their mature Transylvanian Rock sound and have won their ticket to the Contest Finals, to be held sometime in May. >>>


<<< 9 p.m.
(same evening)
MAD Club Gig

Although there was no publicity (this was the first proper electric concert organized here), BITTER MOON brought its' fans from The "A" Club and filled the joint to its' maximum capacity (150 persons). It is the first time BITTER MOON played without writing a proper playlist prior to the gig.

We found out that there is a BITTER MOON Fanclub in Buftea... We now have
MORE fans in Bucharest!



12.30 P.M. Wednesday, January 15th, 2003

Claudiu PURCARIN (from SISTEM, the popular Romanian percussion band) lent his personal drum set for the first proper studio-recordings BITTER MOON are undertaking for their debut album in GLAS TRANSILVAN (TRANSYLVANIAN VOICE) Studios/Cluj-Napoca.

Cluj-Napoca's newest and most promising Independent Record Company, STREAM MUSIC, is the first company that offered BITTER MOON an acceptable record contract for BITTER MOON's Debut Album.

Discussions between the proud owner of the new independent record company based in Cluj-Napoca, Ladislau Fodor, and BITTER MOON's manager, Richard Constantinidi, commenced early in December, 2002, thanks to Alexandru Barbuta (SEVEN's frontman/leader of the Cluj-Napoca based band), a common friend.

Discussions regarding a 6 or 8-track E.P. have transpired into a full 12-track L.P, one-year contract.

After a couple of band meetings regarding work on the debut album, it is very likely that their first L.P. will be known as ASPHALT (from the eponymous cut featured on the full-length debut album - and stretching from the idea that BITTER MOON is starting off on the right foot. Another aspect is that the "asphalt" represents ground-level for a band aiming for the stars.

The album cover will be "unveiled" on the website sometime in March, so stay tuned...


Here's what some of the people involved in work on this album have to say:

Razvan RISTEA (drums): "I feel good! This has been for too much time, in the sense that we could have already made our mark. We could already have a debut album on the market but we postponed everything, waiting for one of the Romanian Majors to offer us a proper contract.

Sorin MORARU (bass guitar): "I'm glad we've finally begun [working on the album]. I'm glad that we're doing this in Cluj-Napoca and I don't think there is any room for compromise."

Richard CONSTANTINIDI (band manager): "All of the local music scenes developing outside of our nation's capital must join hands and work together in our nation's current economic and political situation. it is at least 10 times more difficult to do anything if you are not living in Bucharest or if you don't have the proper relations. We have soldiered through three very difficult years of "anonimity". On the other hand, these
have been three years in which we have gained a lot of experience. I am pleased that BITTER MOON is constantly evolving. I am confident in STREAM MUSIC and I am very pleased that this record company is backing us 100% in terms of our musical individuality and the quality of our recordings so far. This is a very important new experience for us in terms of regional identity and further credibility in the Transylvanian rock scene. If we succeed in this project, I will personally advise all of the rock bands in this region to try and sign with STREAM MUSIC. The Bucharest Majors have no idea of what is really happening outside of the capital and have almost completely isolated themselves in flashy, siliconized, pre-fab dance-house-manele-pop rhythms, written and sung almost on an exclusive basis by artists in the Southern part of our country. I am more certain than ever that the QUALITY LIVE EXPERINCE from Northern rock bands, such as BITTER MOON, will ultimately flood the damned insurmountable gates of our nation's Majors. So far, our brothers from across the Prut River have taken the initiative in terms of quality
alternative rock (ZDOB & ZDUB) and dance-house (O-ZONE)."


Ladislau FODOR (Head of STREAM MUSIC and executive producer of Asphalt/BITTER MOON): "I am very optimistic This band is IN. Our nation's youth is instinctively turning to this genre of music. It will be very important for BITTER MOON to maintain their competitive edge on the market after the debut album is released. Although we are talking about Romanian artists, their SOUND is in line with what is happening in countries such as Germany, England and USA. You can sense the fact that these young men have listened to a lot of modern British and American music. I am glad to be part of this phenomenon. The Bucharest Majors DO NOT believe in the music
that is currently being promoted by Transylvanian acts on a regional level. Bands such as BITTER MOON could already have claimed their piece of the cake on the Romanian market, if they had been properly backed by one of our nation's Majors. I want to prove to Romania that the Cluj-Napoca music scene is HOT. BITTER MOON is worthy of releasing a debut album; the musicians partaking in this project are very good and they have that certain that captures public attention."


The recording sessions are almost finished. The last thing left to do is the vocal part to some of the English Version songs (and English Version songs that will not appear on the debut album).

The mixing and mastering will take about a month - and we might even have some spare time for one or two gigs before promoting the new album. Keep on-line and we'll keep you up to date.




BITTER MOON's debut album features 8 Romanian-version songs and 4 English-version tracks. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Antidot [Antidote]
Asfakt [Asphalt]
Dizzident [Disident]
Ego nr.4
Folclor [Folklore]
(Digital Dark Vision Cluj/2002 recording)
Oras [The City]
Rosu aprins [Red]
(Pink Studios Cluj/2001 recording)
Simplify My Spider
Tanagra Noise
True Sunshine
Your Garden


After it was officially announced that BITTER MOON is in the studio recording their debut album (which will very likely be released in late April, 2003), the fans went wild.

Here are some of the reactions BITTER MOON fans had on www.hmm.ro in January, 2003:

> Autor: Arkonia (---.medias.rdsnet.ro)
Date: 31-01-03 11:14 A.M.

Where can I find their album? Good Luck! Don't give up even if there are times you realise all this effort isn't worth it. It's hard to do anything in this country, especially if it's from the heart, 'cause there's always somebody trying to stop you - 'cause their souls are sold, putrid...dead.

> Autor: ED Zeppelin (---.digiro.net)
Date: 31-01-03 11:21 P.M.

BITTER MOON is definitely a good band and that is why those who "have to" listen to their music definitely WILL. I do hope they will have the mainstream success they deserve, without being forced to make any compromises. This is my new Favorite Band and if we would have all lived in a relatively normal country, BITTER MOON could have started a Music Revolution like Nirvana did in their time. REAL values will always be respected by REAL people.



  Excerpts from DEMO REVIEW on www.hmm.ro
[Heavy Metal and More Website/Romania, August 2002]

ZULU Music Demo, 2001


1. Gri dorian [DORIAN GREY]
2. Cuba
3. Unfed
4. Folclor [FOLKLORE]
5. Antidot [ANTIDOTE]
6. RED
7. Rosu aprins [RED]
8. Tanagra Noise
9. Dizident

Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Horia 'GORGAR'

"I finally have the chance to listen to a Romanian Demo with a professional sound, without a beat machine or fake computer drums, strange guitar riffs and vocals that sound exactly like they were recorded in someone's bedroom while the neighbors are at home, upstairs, making noise..."

"...The recordings reflect a part of what the band has written and promoted in tens of gigs over a two-year time frame, being made up of a strange brew of grunge, hardcore, metal and a dash of funk, giving the music a personal, mature signature, relating well to the direct, punk attitude lyrics... The trumpet sequences adding to the originality of the BITTER MOON Sound are truly brilliant. The trumpet notes have a very specific delicate expressiveness that integrates itself perfectly in the song structure, even when the rhythms are agressive..."



Sebastian Kadas
editor-in-chief BRAVO Romania
(9/18/02: p.22):

"For quality music, excellent lyrics and a brilliant live experence, BRAVO recommends LUNA AMARA [BITTER MOON]."

Doru Ionescu
Music Programming Director Romania2 TV
(Radio Show, 2001):

"It is impossible to believe that such a talented band as LUNA AMARA [BITTER MOON] still does not have a proper Record Deal offer from any of the Romanian Majors."



December 6th, 2002

[Performance reviews for two Freshman Balls (I hope you're not thinking what I think you're thinking. you can stop laughing. now!) on December 4th, 2002]

BITTER MOON is one of few Romanian bands that have had the opportunity of performing more than once in one day. Wednesday, December 4th, 2002, BITTER MOON was booked for both the Agronomy Freshman's Ball and the Geography Freshman's Ball (both in Cluj-Napoca).


4 P.M.: Soundcheck at the Cluj-Napoca Sportshall (capacity: 4.000)
Since the headlining act was a very popular pop-rock band from Bucharest, BITTER MOON initially decided to play an acoustic set of songs meant to bring the girls in front of the stage! However, the sound system supplied by SHOW MASTER / MIKOTRONIC did not have a competent sound engineer behind the mixer. Lack of communication was very evident from the moment the soundcheck began. The person responsible for helping the band sound good completely ignored indications given by BITTER MOON. It was very clear to the band that this engineer had never worked on an acoustic set before (...and perhaps was not even prepared to work with a live band!). For those of you reading this from distant shores, we cannot sufficiently underline the fact that it is quite customary in our country for opening acts to be treated disrespectfully by sound engineers... don't ask me why.

6 P.M. Soundcheck at Maxx Club / Gheorgheni, Cluj-Napoca
For technical reasons, BITER MOON had to bring their own sound system to the club. The band had to play an acoustic set because an electric gig could short circuit their weak system.

7.30 P.M. Cluj-Napoca Sportshall: Agronomy Freshman's Ball
Seeing that the PROFESSIONAL sound system wasn't kind to their music, an on-stage decision was taken to dump the acoustic tracks and instead launch into a reasonably stirring 100% live electric setlist, turning into a proper heavy metal performance.

However, the reality is perhaps bleaker than imagination can conjure. What was supposed to be a 40 minute performance was improperly interrupted halfway through the set by complete silence and the superimposing of a techno CD. We would like to think that the sound engineer had a split personality attack and was in the grasp of an unbelievable daydream in which he was a club DJ but there is no proper explanation for the reason the SHOW MASTER / MIKOTRONIC employee insulted BITTER MOON like he did.

Offended is a cery diplomatic term for how the artists were feeling at this point. 2,000 people witnessed the band pack up their instruments and leaving the stage. BITTER MOON fans hissed and booed the sound engineer while urging the band to get back on stage.

To this day, BITTER MOON is still waiting for a proper apology from this PROFESSIONAL Sound & Light System Company.

11 P.M.: Club Max/Cluj-Napoca: Geography Freshman's Ball
We would like to extend our gratitude for the respective half of the audience that heartily enjoyed BITTER MOON's brilliant semi-acoustic performance. We would also like to thank the other half of those present for calmly waiting until the last track in the band's set before yelling at the five piece outfit to GO HOME in a relatively polite way. This 45 minute set introduced a new song in BITTER MOON's public repertoire. The track is called "Albastru/Blue" and is ironically dedicated to those civil servants who walk freely around our cities dressed in BLUE and pretending to protect the PUBLIC's interests... for more details, please check out the verses (when they will be translated).




December 1st, 2002

MUSIC PUB/Cluj-Napoca
SOLD-OUT CONCERT (400 ticket payers)
Friday November 29th, 2002, 10.15 P.M.
capacity crowd of aprox. 450

To the tune of three whole hours, turning Friday Night into Saturday Morning, BITTER MOON played for the first time in months to their home crowd (by sheer coincidence it is also the first time they play in Cluj-Napoca since the first official band video "GRI DORIAN" was released on MTV Romania). Mihnea, Nick, Peter, Razvan and Sorin played their full repertoire of original tracks and a charged rendition of "Strunga", the popular Romanian 60's rock hit, promoted by PHOENIX, the legendary Romanian band.

For the BITTER MOON artists, this concert is by far their best gig ever! It is also possibly the first time Music Pub ran out of tickets. The club owners figured the would sell approximately 350 tickets. There were about a hundred more people in the club when the concert began. Those who arrived after 10.30 P.M. were stuck outside.

The post-grunge purveyors of glum sincerity are not a group prone to on-stage theatrics. There is instead a sense of experience and mutual understanding between the artists that greatly enhances the bottled-up energy driving the BITTER MOON live experience. Gavrila and Moraru's guitars fizz and hum like they're supposed to, BITTER MOON's shape is almost perfectly aerodynamic, swinging through the air like a well-drilled machine. Fagadar's voice has become bigger and stronger. Ristea, of course, will never sketch the subtlest facial expression while seated behind the drums. Usually dressed for comfort rather than someone else's appreciation, Blidariu surprises everybody ...by wearing a tie!

With shirts removed, the young men in the audience were whooping and moshing, stage-diving off the edge of the stage from the very first guitar lick. Slowly and surely, the crowd is transferred into a caterwauling horde.
The band lost all its' inhibitions and stalked the stage by the end of the performance as though they owned the joint.

"De jos in sus/Bottom to Top" is the name of a new song played for the very first time on stage. Another "World Premier" was the revised version of "Somn/Sleep", made to fit in with the new, mature-sounding songs promoted by the band.

This concert marked the Official Launch of the website you are currently reading through, which gathered over 400 hits in 3 weeks and well over 1,000 by the end of the year!

The audience was equally receptive to the pop-rock opening act that came all the way from Oradea to play their first gig in Cluj and indeed, their first out-of-town concert ever! ZAMBET AMAR/BITTER SMILE sang in front of their largest club crowd (so far) and celebrated One Year together.



[FORMULA AS is Romania's Best-Sold National Weekly Newspaper]

BITTER MOON got a full-page presentation in Romania's leading weekly newspaper: FORMULA AS (November 23-29, 2002).

Page 24 (the back cover!) features exclusive photos with all the band members. However, the picture editors are to blame for a small mix-up (Mihnea's name appeared on Sorin's photo and Sorin's name appeared on Mihnea's photo).

Luckily, the two are very good friends and hold no grudges against each other. No harm was done, noone was sued and the whole ordeal was long forgotten by everybody. It COULD happen to anybody.



1. Loc Lipsa/Empty Space
2. Antidot/Antidote
3. Unfed
4. Dizzident
5. Ego nr.4
6. Ciudat/Strange
7. Your Garden
8. Tanagra Noise
9. Mara
10. Interzis/Forbidden
11. Folclor/Folklore

12. Strunga (PHOENIX)
13. De jos in sus/Bottom to Top
14. Somn/Sleep
15. Cuba
16. Simplify my Spider
17. Rosu aprins/Red
18. Asflat/Asphalt
19. Gri dorian/ Dorian Grey

Oras/The City



November 25, 2002

XXL CLUB / Vatra Dornei
150 ticket payers
Friday November 22nd, 2002, 10 P.M.


Newly redecorated, The XXL Club has a maximum capacity of 300 (aprox. 200 seats). The grand re-opening was commemorated with a rock concert and BITTER MOON was invited all the way from Cluj! "We want to promote quality LIVE bands", declares Radu Ostuanu, the proud club owner.

BITTER MOON made a surprise comeback to Vatra Dornei. After their first gig here in August, this time they played a full unplugged set.

Most of the people present are adolescent girls, whooping and cheering on cult favorites such as "Loc lipsa/Empty Space", "Cuba", "Ego nr.4", "Asfalt/Asphalt", "Simplify My Spider", "Oras/The City", "Folclor/Folklore" and of course, "Gri dorian/Dorian Grey", the recently publicised video. The audience gathers on the dance floor of the club as though a popular local DJ would be mixing favorite hits.

On downbeat tracks, such as "Rosu aprins/Red", "Ciudat/Strange", "Somn/Sleep", the audience went back to their seats and stood silently, listening to every word the frontmen were singing.

The concert ended at about 12.30 A.M.


The RADIO ORION interview in Vatra Dornei

DJ "Andy" and DJ "Michael" carried out one of their most successful interviews with BITTER MOON on Nvember 22nd, 2002. Subjects debated were:

  • Romania's admittance in NATO (we must underline the fact that BITTER MOON is a band that stands for peace, non-military agression and anti-globalization);
  • the fact that Mihnea does not understand why fans generally collect autographs and more specifically why fans want HIS John Hancock?!;
  • Cenaklu' Klu [the KLU LITERARY CIRCLE in Cluj-Napoca] organized on a monthly basis by Alexandru Vakulovski where topics such as:
    • the ambiguity of Laws recently passed by Romania's Senate and Congress,
    • Civil Rights and
    • the idea that Romania's youth has to be educated correctly about what Democracy really is, are tackled.

RADIO ORION RADIO is the only local Radio Station in one of Romania's finest mountain resorts: Vatra Dornei, in the heart of the Carpathian Mountain Range!



1. Loc Lipsa/Empty Space
2. Antidot
3. Your Garden
4. All Apologies (Nirvana)
5. Cuba
6. Dizident
7. Rosu aprins/Red
8. Tanagra Noise
9. Ciudat/Strange
10. Folclor/Folklore (NEW unplugged version)

11. Strunga (Phoenix)
12. Asfalt/Asphalt
13. Gri dorian/Dorian Grey
14. Somn/Sleep
15. Ego nr.4
16. Simplify my Spider
17. Interzis/Forbidden
18. Oras/The City

19. Folclor/Folklore (punk version)
20. Come As You Are (Nirvana);